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Competition & Trade Secrets

Whether you are an individual, from small businesses, or large corporation, our team of attorneys can assist you in various matters related to marketplace competition.

We represent and advise our clients on matters involving non-compete agreements, trade secret misappropriation, and unfair trade practices. We have experience evaluating marketplace competition cases from both a defense and plaintiff perspective. We work closely with you to develop preventative measures to avoid litigation.

Litigation for Non-Compete and Trade Secret Lawsuits

We understand that your most valuable business assets are often confidential trade secrets that must be kept close. Whether it’s pricing, sales strategy, or a product manufacturing processes, this information is valuable and unique to you. It is also used and accessed by your employees, who have become a very mobile workforce with quick access to information sharing technology.

The attorneys at Roe Cassidy Coates & Price have a wide array of experience in defending trade secrets and non-compete clauses. We do our best to exhaust our options before we arrive at litigation, but know in some cases, it is necessary.

What is a Trade Secret?

Trade secrets can encompass a variety of information types such as: design or design elements, manufacturing processes, formulas, or patterns. Most often, trade secrets are considered information that would not be general information to other businesses in your industry. However, many facts in a trade secret dispute case are dependant and would require an attorney to review your case before giving a definite answer on what a trade secret is.

Evaluation & Drafting Non-Compete Agreements

If you need a non-compete clause for your employees, we work with you to draft a clause that will stand up in court if necessary. Enforceable non-compete clauses need to be tailored to the area your employee works and tailored to a specific position. You need to know what restrictions are most appropriate for your business and the type of information you need to protect. Our practiced attorneys can not only help you draft new agreements, but can review and evaluate your current non-competes.

Get Assistance with All Your Marketplace Needs

  • Evaluate non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and similar documents;
  • Prepare executive and individual employment agreements
  • Conduct audits of trade secret protection issues
  • Train employees on policies regarding confidential information, non-competes, and the like
  • Litigation in state and federal courts
  • Protect employers’ confidential and proprietary information, trade secrets and business relationships from misappropriation or misuse
  • Challenge the enforceability of non-compete and confidentiality agreements
How can I tell if a non-compete is enforceable?

Non-compete agreements can lower the risk of ex-employees giving insider information about your company to competitors. Non-compete laws vary by state, but in most states you, as an employer would need to show that upholding a non-compete clause is vital to protecting your business interests. The best way to determine if your non-compete is enforceable is to speak with an attorney.


Know When to Speak to an Attorney

When you find yourself asking these questions, speaking with a qualified and experienced attorney will help ensure you’re making the best, most informed decisions.